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Tomato - Santorini seeds

Tomato - Santorini seeds

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Tomato Santorini seeds

Solanum lycopersicum
Packet: 20 seeds

Santorini tomato plants bear more fruits than ordinary tomato plants, mature earlier in the year, and maintain their deep red colour with much greater consistency than other tomatoes. 

They are drought tolerant and need less maintenance, so it is ideal for home garden and good to grow in a container. And, of course, it tastes like a real tomato, unlike all those coloured cardboard varieties you find on the market. 

Scientific analysis has revealed the Santorini product bears yet more advantages over the larger and more prevalent kind of tomato. Tested at two different stages of maturity, the island's variety has been found to have more ascorbic acid (another name for Vitamin C) and more soluble phenols. It has also been shown to contain the largest amount of lycopene (i.e. high in cancer-fighting agents) in any known fruit or vegetable. 

They are tall, indeterminate, regular leaf plants that produce 30-60gms, small, flattened, oblate, slightly ribbed, bright-red fruits with very good, slightly-acidic flavours. This is very good canning or market tomato. 

This is an INDETERMINATE variety, and as such, this variety requires a staking or climbing frame.

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